• Greenability Installations is a leading service provider in the Renewable Energy Industry based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are driven by a passion for people and for clean energy. We offer turnkey solutions with German precision at the highest European standards.

  • We are based in Cape Town, South Africa in the suburb of woodstock. Our central location enables us to respond to our clients demands in a timeous manner. Our position geographically also enables clients to find and reach us easily.

  • We are a Renewable Energy company specialising in PV installations, plumbing, pool heating and space heating & cooling. We use german grade products because of their quality and durability.

  • PV stands for Photo Voltaic. Photo means light, voltaic is a reference to electricity. PV systems are systems that are designed to convert light energy into electrical energy. In order to use this one needs Solar Panels(which have thousands of PV cells)which harness the energy from direct sunlight. This is then transmitted to a power storage unit(usually a battery)which can then retransmit the energy to appliances.

  • In general, the cost of installation is deemed to be expensive, relatively speaking. However, the long term benefits of having a PV system installed usually offsets the cost of installation.

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