Merger Announcement Greenability Merges With SolarPowerPB

SolarPowerPB has long been a leader in the renewable energy field. For a long while they have not only served as worthy competitors but as equals. They have a very good work ethic and exceptionally high standards of service that closely mirror our own. Both SolarPowerPB and Greenabilty Installations have been pursuing the same goal from inception, i.e. to make Renewable Energy a reality for households in this country. Both companies offer German grade products and services and are essentially cut from the same cloth. It was thus inevitable that our paths would cross after running parallel to each other for such a long time.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce the merger of Greenability Installations with SolarPowerPB.

SolarPowerPB is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenability Installations and will from now henceforth be operating under the Greenability Installations banner. We would like to assure clients from both companies, current and future, that we will keep to the same exacting high standards that we have already set. Our service delivery will continue to be exceptional and our products will be of the same high quality that our clients are already used to.