Types Of Thermal Installations Sub Heading

  • The suns thermal energy can be harnessed and used to heat up water. This can then be used in various applications in a household. This isn’t only environmentally friendly but helps reduce electricity consumption as traditional geysers use an electric element to heat up water.

  • An efficient way of pool heating is to ‘dump’ any excess heat from thermal modules in a system into a pool or Jacuzzi. This way no hot water is wasted. In colder months, heat pumps can be used to make up for the lack of solar thermal heat from the sun.

Sum Of The Parts Sub Heading

  • These are specially designed thermal panels that have been designed to maximise the surface area of water running through which is in contact with the heat energy from the sun. They form part of the heating circuit of a thermal system as water circulates through them to get heated.

  • During colder months or when there is insufficient sunlight, energy collected from the thermal plates can be substituted using heat pumps. Heat pumps can be used in conjuction with thermal plates or as standalone units. 

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